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  T E A M S 
 Turbine Engine Advisory &   Management Services  

Leveraging 35+ years of industry experience, we help aircraft owners to make informed decisions on engine maintenance options, save time, minimize event costs and maximize the asset value. No hassle. No risk.


Le Do Vu, Founder

Turbine Engine Advisory & Management Services

 Engine Specialist, 35+ years of industry experience on P&WC engines with  ADVISE YOU CAN TRUST


There is no substitute for the type of experience that led to the establishment of Turbine Engine Advisory & Management Services (TEAMS) Inc.  Le Do Vu, the founder of TEAMS, graduated from McGill University in 1985 in Montreal Canada and began his engineering career with Pratt & Whitney Canada that same year. He started as a Turbine Structure Dynamic analyst responsible for the analysis and design of engine hot section components on PW200 engine models.  Over 35 years, Le Do has mastered various areas of expertise within P&WC and held positions with increased responsibilities. He has extensive experience in engine design engineering, project engineering, power plant overhaul/repair, technical and commercial programs management experience on PT6/PW300/PW500/PW600/JT15D engine models at Pratt & Whitney Canada. This distinct combination of skills and experience provides Le Do with a unique skill set that significantly benefits TEAMS clients.


Le Do’s great passion is providing seamless engine support to aircraft operators. He helps clients to make informed decisions on engine maintenance options, save time, maximize the asset value, and allow operators to focus on core business with peace of mind.

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Our vision

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently, in inspiring people to do what they aspire to do. We challenge the status quo by providing value-added services to customers.

TEAMS Associates provides cost-effective engine advisory services that add value to customer assets.  

Our values

Quality, Integrity, Dependability, Expertise, Loyalty,      Authenticity, Going an Extra Mile

Why choose us?


We take away the hassle. No more endless conversations with customer service reps. We work for you.


We succeed when you save. No hassle. No Risk.


We make every effort to be fully transparent and explain everything upfront. Because it's the right thing to do.


We manage your engine from start to finish to minimize your event costs.

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Our Mission

We are experts with 35+ years of P&WC engine experience with in-depth knowledge of engineering, operation and maintenance practices. We help aircraft owners make informed decisions on engine maintenance options, save time and maximize the asset value.


We provide value-added services to optimize engine shop visits costs by:

  • Offering unbiased advice on engine repair or overhaul events

  • Providing personal cost-effective engine management services to aircraft operators around the world from beginning to end. 

We work on a success based model. We do better when you do better. We succeed when you save. No hassle. No risk.  

We work in accordance with our (CTR) principle of transparent Communication, mutual Trust and maximized Returns  

Who are we?
Airplane Engine

Our services

Engine maintenance advisory

  • Review engine maintenance status logbook to optimize workscope while maximizing on-wing time and engine reliability.

  • Review engine maintenance cost options 

  • Review engine LCF (Low Cycle Fatigue) life requirements

  • Review engine SB status

  • Review borescope results to determine engine condition

Engine event


  • On-wing engine removal and re-installation logistics planning

  • Review required engine and LRU work scopes

  • Optimization of service bulletin embodiments

  • Review of reject material after inspection to assess repair potential

  • Optimization of used serviceable parts embodiment

  • Maximization of commercial considerations from OEM

  • Review of event cost invoices

On-site representation and customer liaison

  • Follow engine status from disassembly, inspection, reassembly and passed-off test until engine return to service (RTS)

  • Ensure timely completion of engine repair


Services for P&WC engines key events such as Overhaul (OH), Hot Section Inspection (HSI) and major repairs. We work with Pratt & Whitney, Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOF), non-DOF facilities and FBO partners to achieve best results for customers.

Our services
Our vision
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Let's Connect

TEAMS Associates Inc is a solution for P&WC engine operators who are looking for cost effective and quality engine advisory services 


Montreal, QC, Canada




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